Claudia Pegus Chooses Shibue

This just in: Shibue Couture is now stocked at Claudia Pegus Designs Limited!

Let’s back up a little —

Of late, Shibue Couture’s innovative lingerie and fashion products were featured as the official undergarments for Trinidad Tobago Fashion Week May 2015.

After being cherished by 2TFW’s runway models and idolized by notable designers, Caribbean Designer and Founder of CPDL, Claudia Pegus (based in Trinidad), acknowledged Shibue Couture as the undergarment of choice for this summer’s Caribbean Fashion Week.

What does that mean exactly? All Pegus’s models will be wearing Shibue Couture Strapless Panties and Shibue Silicone Concealers and can be seen at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica next month (June 6th-15th) and in Toronto, Canada in July!

Watch this iconic designer- known for signature work in assorted silks and hand done embroidery- return for her 10th annual fashion week, debuting Shibue products for all international, regional, and local curators to discover!

Stay tuned and SHIBUE ❤

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